Top PPC Platforms Of White Label PPC

A White label is defined as a service or product created by a company and selling it to another company. PPC is used in the market development strategy to sell products by generating traffic on websites. As a result, white label PPC is the process by which PPC service is offered by an agency to its clients to sell products of another company under their brand.

Top PPC platforms of white label PPC

  1. Google Ads: Google Ads formerly known as Google Ad words is one of the most popular PPC platforms with a great advertising network. It offers a wide variety of ads types from which clients can choose ads according to their goals. Campaigns such as search network campaigns, video campaigns, remarketing campaigns, app campaigns, shopping campaigns, display network campaigns etc determine clients’ ads that customers will be able to see.
  1. Microsoft Advertising: Formerly known as Bing Ads is one of the popular search marketing ads platforms of white label PPC through which a client can access Solid ROI and Lower CPCs, sites such as Bing, Yahoo, MSN that are powered by Bing.
  1. Google My Business Advertising: Formerly known as Google Places, it is the second most popular program for local businesses. Local clients are attracted by the campaigns that provide benefits such as creating online ads quickly and easily and meeting customers via desktop or mobile phones.
  1. Facebook Ads: Considered as the most important program in the social media category, it is about brand awareness and ads are shown based upon the interests of the users. It can deliver results and is more complex. The variety of ads available on Facebook is: Image ads, offer ads, canvas ads, video ads, collection ads and so on.
  1. YouTube ads: The second popular white-label advertising program for video marketing efforts. It has no minimum budget range and therefore small advertisers can take advantage of it. It promotes clients’ business by reaching and attracting the right customers. The variety of ad types available on YouTube is True View ads which is the standard video ad type and Pre Roll ads which are non-skippable.
  1. Instagram Ads: The role of paying to content that is post sponsored and is reached by a large number of audiences. It is a visual platform where you need video or images to reach clients. It leads to a new generation, develops websites and increases brand exposure. The variety of ads available on Instagram is IGTV ads, mapped-guided ads, photo ads, story ads, video ads, sponsored ads and so on.
  1. LinkedIn Ads: A powerful PPC platform with high effect and an easy way to get clients’ messages. Clients get a chance to place ads with benefits by connecting the audience directly and with accuracy. The variety of ads available on LinkedIn is: text ads, programmatic display ads, LinkedIn sponsored content, LinkedIn dynamic ads and so on.

Known as white label SEM, white label PPC aims at client goals that they want to achieve such as website traffic, app promotion, sales, brand awareness, product consideration and so on. Make sure that you choose a verified PPC management company that uses only certified professionals.

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