The Top Places To Find Asbestos In Your Property.

There is a lot to be said for investing in a property that has character and that was built over 50 years ago. You don’t get the strength in a property nowadays that you get from one built five decades ago and so these homes were definitely built to last and many are still standing today and will still be there in 100 years from now. These older homes and business premises are also an excellent investment and they grow in value with each year that passes. There are many upsides to buying a property such as this but there is a downside and it is one that comes up on a fairly regular basis.

If your property is over 50 years old then there is a pretty good likelihood that there is asbestos contained within the building. If you are unfamiliar with what this is then you should know that it is incredibly dangerous and it could lead to your demise. It was a product used in the building industry and it provided real strength to building products and so many of these properties have had to go through the expense of asbestos roof removal Perth. As well as the roof of a building, the following are just some more of the top places that you’re likely to find asbestos in your property.

  • Soffits & guttering – If you take a walk outside your home or business property right now and you look up, you will probably see that the soffits and guttering look as good as the day that they were put up over 50 years ago. This is generally a good indication that asbestos was used within them to provide them with strength and long-term durability. It might be a good idea to get your local asbestos removal experts to have a look at these.
  • Floor & roof tiles – Many older properties have tiles put down on the floor and in suspended ceilings which contain asbestos properties. The thing that you need to remember here is that just because you have such things in your property, it doesn’t mean that they are an immediate danger to you. It is only when they are handled incorrectly that they become a danger because they will break up and dust will form in the air.

If your property is quite old whether it is a business property or a private dwelling, it would make perfect sense to have everything checked by a competent and professional asbestos expert to make sure that your home doesn’t contain any of this harmful substance.

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