The Signs and Symptoms of Troublesome Wisdom Teeth in Bethesda

The final set of molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth or third molars, usually erupts in late adolescence or early adulthood. While not everyone has problems with their wisdom teeth, when they do, they can frequently cause problems. Understanding the warning signs and symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth by a dentist in Bethesda, MD, is crucial to prompt treatment and oral health. We discuss the typical warning signs and symptoms of wisdom teeth in this blog post.

  1. Pain and Discomfort: Pain or discomfort in the back of the mouth is one of the most obvious symptoms of troublesome wisdom. The intensity of this discomfort may change and can either be persistent or intermittent.
  2. Swelling and Inflammation: An obvious sign of difficulty can be swelling and inflammation of the gums in the rear of the mouth, particularly in the vicinity of where wisdom teeth erupt.
  3. Difficulty Opening Your Mouth: Your wisdom teeth can be the source of your difficulty opening your mouth fully or your jaw stiffness and discomfort.
  4. Tender or Bleeding Gums: Wisdom teeth can irritate or even bleed the gums in the vicinity as they are pushed on them.
  5. Painful Chewing: Your wisdom teeth may cause interference if you experience pain or discomfort when chewing, especially when eating hard or crunchy food.
  6. Unpleasant Taste or Odor: An unpleasant taste or odor in the back of the mouth can result from food particles and bacteria getting trapped around partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  7. Headaches and Earaches: Pain from wisdom teeth may spread and result in headaches or earaches, especially on the side of the problematic tooth.
  8. Sinus Problems: Wisdom teeth in the upper jaw may occasionally cause pressure, congestion, or infections of the sinuses.
  9. Cysts or Abscesses: In circumstances, wisdom teeth can develop cysts or abscesses, which can cause excruciating pain, swollen glands, and the possibility of infection.

Maintaining dental health depends on the ability to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of problematic wisdom teeth in Bethesda. It is best to speak with a local dentist or oral surgeon if you have any of the aforementioned difficulties or believe that your wisdom teeth may be the cause. Early treatment and prompt removal of troublesome wisdom teeth can protect oral health and help avoid serious dental problems. If you believe your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, do not wait to get professional assistance.

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