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We all know about the fact that football is the sport that has over 4 billion fans, and this is the easiest way to understand the hype and popularity of this game. The fans of football are passionate and always try to stay connected and have a full update about every game played and every goal scored as well. But having complete updates every time is not possible because of a tight schedule, work and travel as well.

Although we can now easily stay updated with the help of โปรแกรมบอล as it is a net-based mobile application where one can check the score and another vital thing in one go. And stay in proper touch with any running game weather they are not present in a real game.

Top reasons behind the popularity of football!!

World Cup– without any doubt because of the World Cup, the sport of football is considered one of the most popular games around the world. Because FIFA World Cup is the platform where the most number of peoples come to one place and watches live matches. And it is the cup which is held after four years. Therefore, athletes like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar junior are the main attraction points for teenagers.

 Fittest players– another primary reason behind the popularity of this game is the presence of fittest and most popular stars around the world. The game, which is highly dominated by two players and that is Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, they both have amazing skills and different game play. As Ronaldo is muscular tall, whereas, on the other side, Messi is smaller and slimmer, Messi is considered as one of the best players of the ball who can quickly destroy the defense of another team. Therefore, on the contrary side, Ronaldo is the player who is known for his speed and excellent shooting skills.

 Rivalries– we all know that there is rivalry in every sport between two players or any two teams, and the same goes for football as well. There are rivalries matches, especially between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and this is the time when the rivers are present the highest number course it is also competition between top players of football sports. El Classic is the league where both the rivals compete with each other, and it has happened a total of 273 times in which real Madrid and Barcelona have won 95 matches and have won 113 games.

 Handsome salary of players– it is considered one of the most crucial reasons why football is popular in the world as their top players get a massive amount of remuneration for the execution and game play of their skill. From the reports of Forbes’s highest player of soccer is Lionel Messi with 111 million dollars and completing him with him is his rival Ronaldo with 108 million dollars. Third place goes to Neymar’s salary of 90 million dollars; it is a great way to attract audience gathering for the sport.

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