Registry Cleaner Has Many Uses And Advantages

Due to the internet, many unwanted files and programs can get downloaded on your computer. These are very harmful files called viruses or computer viruses. All your permanent files can get damaged completely. Even your registry can get ruined by these unwanted files by replacing them with duplicate and fake codes. It is also called corruption of files and programs. You can install registry cleaner to save all the permanent files and work from the virus.

A registry in a monitor keeps records and stores all the information and data of the computer. If it gets corrupted, it would be a big problem and the pc won’t work. But registry cleaner helps to save all this information in the registries even if they get corrupted by the computer virus.

Usually, the registry cleaner clears all unwanted information and cleans the whole system internally. Nowadays you don’t have to separately install a registry cleaner in your monitor as it is already built-in to the system. It optimizes the whole system and clears storage space in the RAM (Random Access Memory) and even in the hard disk of the computer.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Registry Cleaner? 

Even though the registry cleaner is beneficial for computers in every way it still has its advantages and disadvantages. A few of these pros and cons are mentioned below.

  • Damage to the registry- some registry cleaners might make some errors or mistakes while transferring data or cleaning the registry. A poorly made registry might not be able to handle all the cleaning and data transferring hence it might get damaged due to all this overload of work.
  • Registry keys can’t be removed- registry cleans can’t repair a few registry hives. A registry that is corrupt from the computer virus can be recovered or retrieved in many different ways but it can’t be removed or deleted permanently.
  • Removal of malware- it is impossible in a fully developed malware for a registry cleaner to remove the rootkit from the hard disk. These registry cleaners are not at all designed to remove the malware from the system. Only minor problems or side-effects can be repaired by the malware. But if your computer has been the target of critical computer viruses then the registry cleaner might have to delete a few files or programs.
  • Payloads of malware- registry cleaners are used by different software to install the malware in the system.

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