Is Whale Watching Safe

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have is to watch whales in their natural state. Whales are the world’s most enormous creatures and some of the most valuable, a fact which caused some species to be hunted to extinction. The violence of the whale hunts and novels and movies like Moby Dick has made people believe that whales are dangerous. However, whales are gentle, intelligent beasts that are capable of tender interactions with humans.

  • Why are Whales Special? For starters, Whales are the largest animals on the earth; in fact, blue whales are the largest animals ever. And they are intelligent. They have large complex brains, and we are only beginning to realize their sentient thought and communication ability. Whales also fulfil a special place in the ecosystem at the top of the feeding chain. And whales are beautiful and majestic. They are a wonder to see up close, a true treasure of the earth.
  • Where do Whales Live? Whales live in every ocean of the world. Their annual migration route can be as far as 19,000 kilometres. Various whales have regions that they prefer, and they return to the same areas year after year. Most coastal areas will see whales at some point in the year, but some places are known for their abundance of whales. South Africa, Canada, Australia, and Tonga are some of the most famous whale-watching locations
  • Where Can You Get Close to Whales? The best way to see a whale up close is on a whale-watching tour. In areas where whales are more frequently spotted, whale watching tours are usually available. For example, you can experience whale watching in Narooma, which is in New South Wales, Australia.
  • What are the Dangers Involved with Whale Watching? Any time you are on the water, some risks will be involved, but whale watching is no more dangerous than any other seaborne activity. People get into trouble with whales in the wild when they are careless and get too close to the giants; though they will always do their best not to hurt people. From the safety of a whale-watching vessel, you will only be in danger of being splashed.

Whale watching is an experience that everyone should try to do at least once in their life. Something is enchanting about these giants from the deep, perhaps they hold some secret to life. They are unique creatures that live most of their life’s unseen by human eyes. Getting to see one up close is a special occasion to be treasured.

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