Food Truck Gourmet Promotions – Is a New York Gourmet Food Truck Right For You?

A food truck is basically a mobile trailer or large motorized vehicle, capable of preparing, cooking, serving, and/or selling food on the street. Some of them have on-board microwaves and steam kitchens; others have on-board refrigerators and prepare food straight from the oven, or they just heat up prepared food in a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. A mobile food vendor may be just one person who has his own truck, or he may own several restaurants under the same business name. The market for mobile food vendors is huge, as they are a quick, easy, and economical way of providing great food for events, festivals, weddings, fundraisers, and many other special occasions. They are also popularly known as food trucks or food carts.

Vegan Food Trucks can be seen on major thoroughfares or roadways all over the country, bringing people a great option for dining out. There are many great uses for food trucks. They can be utilized at farmer’s markets, festivals, fairs, tailgates, baseball games, school functions, and many other venues. Mobile food vendors are a great way to promote your business, attract new customers, make some fast cash, and get your name out into the community. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about food trucks that need to be dispelled. Let’s look at a few of the common myths about food trucks:

Mexican food trucks – It’s true that Mexican food trucks do have a high demand in many cities, especially because of the large Hispanic population in the United States. However, this doesn’t mean that all Mexican food trucks are high quality or that all Mexican food carts are hot. Just like any other food cart, you want a quality food cart that provides great service, great food, lots of variety, and good prices. When you go to buy a car, do your research online and ask lots of questions to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. The same holds true if you go to a food joint with a Mexican food truck – you should always ask if they are a Mexican food cart, a street vendor, or another kind of cart.

No Commercial Kitchen – It’s very tempting when you see a mobile taco truck advertising itself as a food cart that you just have to try it out, right? Not so fast! If you don’t have the experience or the knowledge about food safety, sanitation, and serving techniques to operate a mobile taco stand, it’s probably not a good idea to invest in it. The same goes for any type of food cart, whether it’s a pop-up tent cart, kiosk, or restaurant.

Unsafe Working Environment – It’s important that you find out exactly which employees are working on the food trucks you’re checking out. You should know how long they’ve been working there and if they have any background checking or certification. This will help you make a good decision when it comes to hiring a food vendor. Are they properly trained and licensed to work for the company they’re serving? Your chances of having problems and accidents increase dramatically when you employ someone who’s either not well trained or not properly licensed.

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