Different Types Of Ceiling Tiles For Your Commercial Workspace

When you are refurbishing your office or looking to fit out a new one, you may have many options available when it comes to the ceilings of your office. You may not realise how much choice is available or how vital it is to choose the correct ceiling tiles for your commercial space. You will need to research your options to find the most suitable materials that match how you use your area, to help you select the best ceiling tiles. Below are a few options you can consider that may be suitable for your business, depending on how you use your commercial space.

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

When there is a high volume of noise in your commercial space, you will want to consider using acoustic ceiling tiles to help you manage the noise. Various options are available, including some stylish designs that would look fantastic in a restaurant. Using this type of ceiling tile will help you reduce the overall noise of the commercial space, helping to keep it at a comfortable level for everyone in it. With so many options available from which to choose, there is something to suit all spaces and budgets when you want to install acoustic ceiling tiles in your commercial area.


When you have a commercial area, such as a kitchen, that has to cope with high humidity; gypsum ceiling tiles are an excellent option that may suit your space. You can wipe them down easily, and many options are humidity resistant and quick and simple to install. For an area of your business that it is vital to keep clean, these are an excellent choice for your ceiling tile and are also suitable for toilets.


When you want to try and use an environmentally friendly option for your ceilings, cork is an excellent option for you to consider using in your commercial space. It offers outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation and is also available in some fantastic designs. These natural fibre ceiling tiles are water and fire-resistant and have a middle-range price tag, so they will not break the bank. As many companies are looking to become as environmentally friendly as possible, this could be an excellent solution for your business that will also look fantastic.


A style that is increasing in popularity for commercial spaces is tin ceiling tiles, which can help create a beautiful-looking ceiling perfect for restaurants and bars. Contrary to the name, most tin ceiling tiles are made from copper, brass, or aluminium, but they can be an excellent decorative feature in a commercial space. You can have intricate designs on the panels to make a repeated pattern on our ceiling, but they will need to be professionally installed as it is easy to mark and ruin them.

These are a few options of ceiling tiles from which you can choose, but more options are available, such as plastic or fibreglass. Research all available options suitable for your commercial space, and you can help create a beautiful and productive space for your business.

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