Different Insulation Options You Can Choose For Your Home

Improving the thermal efficiency of your home can significantly reduce your energy usage and save you money on bills. With the energy costs currently so high, insulating your home is something you want to consider doing, and the outlay required can pay for itself quickly. There are various types of insulation you can consider using in your home, and you will want to consider all options before making your choice. It may be an excellent idea to combine different types of insulation in your home, and below are some options you can consider using to make your home more thermally efficient.

Blanket Batts & Rolls

A common form of insulation in the attics and walls of many British homes is blanket batts and rolls. There are commonly made using fibreglass, but mineral wool and sheep’s wool versions are available. Blanket batts and rolls are a cost-effective form of insulation that is quick and easy to install. They come in standard sizes, which fit between the wall studs and floor joists of modern homes, and you can install this insulation easily without extensive DIY skills.

Phenolic Boards

Another option which is a highly effective form of insulation, is phenolic insulation boards. These insulation boards are rigid, and you can easily cut them to size, and they are the most effective type of rigid insulation board. You can use these boards in various parts of your home, including floors, walls, and the roof. Unlike blanket batts and rolls, the boards provide a barrier against water vapour and can also stop draughts.

Spray Foam

You can also consider using spray foam insulation, which is a chemical mix that, when sprayed, expands in size, and fills all the nooks and crannies. The spray foam insulation often comes in pressurised cans, and it is excellent for sealing gaps where draughts are coming in and is quick and easy to apply. It is suitable for helping finish existing areas and not ideal for insulating large areas.

Blown-In Insulation

Another excellent insulation you can choose for your home is blown0in insulation, which you can make using various materials, including rock wool, fibreglass, and recycled cellulose. You use a machine to blow whatever insulation material you decide to use onto the walls and ceiling of the room you are insulating. You will need to use a professional service to do this for you, and once they start, the job does not take long. It is a highly effective form of insulation ideal for covering large areas.

Rock Wool

Rock wool, also known as mineral wool, is a popular form of insulation because it has excellent thermal properties. It uses lava rock which is spun at high speeds to create strands that are similar to fibreglass. Rock wool is fore and moisture resistant and insulates against sound and heat transfer. It is one of the more expensive options you can consider for your home, but it also outperforms other types of insulation.

These are a few options of insulation you can use in your home; for more options, click here to see what else is available.

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